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Bye bye gas pump!

The car has been a huge global success. It is of central importance to billions of people’s daily lives and it defines how our cities are built and expanded. Unfortunately, the car lives in an unhealthy alliance with fossil fuels and billions of people drives to dirty gas stations by routine to refuel their cars.

Finally, there is a better alternative and suddenly we realize what a bad habit that has been inherited for several generations. It’s time for something new!

We want to make it easy to drive an electric car. In fact, easier than driving fossil fuel cars. Our reasoning is simple. If it is perceived as easy and smooth, more people will change their bad habit. This is, for example, why we offer payment by Swish on our charging stations. Swish is an easy-to-use payment app, used by millions of swedes. It has become a popular movement, and now we take the popular movement to our charging stations.

We want to thank the gas stations for the time that has passed, but now it is over. Bye bye gas stations!

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Team Eways

We are a fast-growing independent charging operator that helps our society to convert to a fossil-free lifestyle, by making it easy to charge and drive an electric car. Niclas & Petra founded the company at the kitchen table in Stocksund, back in 2015, after many long discussions about the new fossil free society. Today, we are a leading independent charging operator with well over 40 000 smart charging points across the country.

Today we are over 100 employees in about 20 offices around the country. We are engineers, contractors, sales people, technicians, economists and service people with many different experiences, backgrounds and skills. What United us all is the will to change and our faith in a fossil-free future!

The fossil-free life is wonderful. Join us and say bye bye to gas pumps!

We are constantly looking for new stars to join our Team!

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The pedal to the metal, towards a fossil-free society!

To change our society, towards a fossil-fuel freedom is absolutely necessary for the future of our children. As an independent and fast growing charging operator, we have a clear role in the change. In order to succeed in our task, we have worked out a number of values. These values gives us clarity in our daily work and with these we can keep a high pace.


We share our knowledge and experience. Our expertise drives us forward.


We respond, act and take initiatives. We keep deadlines and learn from our mistakes.


We are responsive to our customers’ needs.


Our ideas develops the modern fossil-free society.


Vi are unpretentious and like straightforward and honest communication. We help where needed and we share our knowledge.

Eways in a glimpse

  • Founded in 2015, by Petra and Niclas Sahlgren in Stocksund
  • Over 130 enthusiastic co-workers in our team, at our 20 offices around Sweden and elsewhere.
  • More than 40 000 charging points, and growing rapidly.
  • Fast growing with profitability.

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