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Life of Spark

The life of SPARK

In your role as a SPARK Management Trainee, you have a unique opportunity to experience what it’s like working at a rapidly growing greentech firm. As part of the SPARK program, you are set out to explore all corners of our business. Everything from engaging in vital partnerships with our partners to getting an insight in the day-to-day operations of management on how to successfully run a scale-up firm. We can guarantee a steep learning curve in all areas of our business, especially since you will be working closely with key personnel such as the CEO and CFO. Examples of previous projects conducted by other SPARKs range from investigating and optimizing our billing systems to conducting an extensive data ESG-analysis of the company. After completing the SPARK Management Trainee program, you will have the opportunity to move on to other key positions in the company, both national and international!

Interview with Jenny – SPARK #4

  1. Hi Jenny! Tell us about yourself and what you do at Eways!
    Hi! Currently, I’m studying my first year at the Architecture program at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) combined with some part-time work at Eways. Before starting my studies, I worked full time at Eways for about four years in different roles, everything from working as a team lead for our Helpdesk to designing and managing most of the visual communication of the company.
  2. What do you like the most about Eways?
    The culture! Everyone is very welcoming, and we have a lot of fun at the office. It is an amazing group of people and we all share the same vision – a fossil-free future. I also get to work with things which benefits my education. The same methods and skills are used but applied to different areas, which I think is beneficial for my personal development. My tasks at Eways are almost an “extended version” of my education!
  3. What are your recommendations to others who might want to apply to the Eways SPARK program?
    Just do it! It is so important to try and take on new challenges to develop as a person. The atmosphere at Eways is very forgiving and we view mistakes as nothing more than an opportunity to learn and a chance to improve. A lot of students work during their studies and I can warmly recommend Eways as an exceptional workplace to combine with studying.
spark hugo

Interview with Hugo – SPARK #1

1. Hi Hugo! Tell us about yourself and what you do at Eways!
Hello! I’m 24 years old, studying the MSc in Industrial Economics at KTH but I am currently on an exchange semester in Austin, Texas. It has always been a career goal for me to work abroad and with Eways international expansion plans, hopefully that will become reality! One and a half years ago I started in a sales role at Eways and since then I have switched to more management related tasks. For the past year I have been working about 20 hours a week during the semesters and full time during the holidays. Most of the projects I have been involved in have been related to improving and developing different aspects of the company to further allow us to accelerate towards a sustainable future.

2. What do you like the most about Eways?
The sustainability benefits that the company makes! The job involves qualitative and quantitative challenges which sometimes can be tricky, but it has allowed me to sharpen my skills and getting to apply theories from my education on real world problems. Combined with a lot of responsibility and the fact that you are part of an important change as well as getting to work closely with CEO Niclas has been extremely educational. It is truly inspiring to work with talented people!

3. How do you combine the trainee job with your studies?
It is of course a challenge, that’s no surprise, and it requires a bit of careful planning but Eways allows you to be flexible. The fact that I’ve, for example, been able to plan my deadlines at Eways with respect to my schedule at school has helped a lot to adapt the trainee job to my studies. From my experience, I would definitely say that combining SPARK with studying is possible, so if you are motivated and ready to be part of something very inspiring and important – apply!

The world can’t wait.

Eways is a rapidly growing Swedish greentech scale-up firm contributing to the urgent sustainable transition by delivering complete solutions for electrical vehicle charging. Through smart technology, a broad network of charging outlets around Sweden and a customer-centered mindset we make it easy to choose an electric vehicle. We are a team of entrepreneurs and innovators with professions ranging all the way from engineering and economics to electricians and network specialists – but with the shared goal of a sustainable future. By collaborating with large partners such as Atrium Ljungberg, Bring and Riksbyggen we are together making major progress toward a better future.

With over 12 000 connected charging outlets and 900 000 charging sessions 2021, we delivered 8,5 GWh of energy – enough to fuel the average electrical car 1200 times around the globe!

Interview with Simon – SPARK #2

1. Hi Simon! Who are you and what do you do at Eways?
Hello! I’m 21 years old and I’m currently studying my third year at KTH, Industrial Economics, specializing in Computer Science. Outside of school, I’m working part time at Eways but I also engage in a lot of different student activities. At Eways, I have had the privilege to try a bunch of different tasks. For example, I’ve been working a lot on the annual report. The project included a variety of different tasks, such as interviewing Eways partners about their views on the market, risk and environmental analysis and also analysis of our charging data.

2. What do you like the most about Eways?
I find greentech to be very interesting! I had only heard a little about it before I started at Eways but I have since then realized how important of an industry it truly is. There are few other industries where there is so much forward momentum, and you must constantly try to understand the ever-evolving market of electrical transportation. Eways is also a company in which a lot of talented people gather to create a very inspiring environment. I believe you learn a lot from working closely to all these people.

3. What is something you didn’t know before starting at Eways?
You can contribute more than you think even if you are not, for example, a fully educated engineer. There are great opportunities to make a difference and you possess a variety of skills which are very valuable to companies!

This is you.

As a SPARK Management Trainee, you are a highly motivated and curious person with a genuine interest in green tech and a strive for a more sustainable future. With a can-do attitude, good teamwork abilities and an analytical and structured approach to solving problems, you have a passion for new challenges. To succeed in the role as a SPARK, prepare for a steep learning-curve as well as taking your own initiatives. We welcome all students of different educational backgrounds from year 2, 3, 4 and 5 as well as newly graduated students. At Eways we prioritize a sustainable work-life balance. While the transformation to a sustainable future can’t wait, we believe that you perform at your best when you can manage other commitments such as your education simultaneously.

We are looking forward to your application!

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Interview with Christian – SPARK #3

1. Hi Christian! Who are you and what do you do at Eways?
Hi! I study both engineering and finance, where I am studying the last year of my Master in the Finance program at Stockholm University and at the same time also my second year of Computer Engineering at KTH. In my free time, I love to exercise. I have played football and strength trained for much of my life. At Eways, I work a lot with financial management, for example analyzing and compiling information on our technical projects to guide future decisions together with our CTO Lars.

2. What do you think is the best thing about working as a trainee at Eways?
I would like to start by mentioning all the fantastic colleagues at Eways. The company culture and the great community are some of the best things about Eways! All my colleagues have helped me a lot in developing additional skills in finance, technology, and sustainability. I also appreciate the opportunity of a flexible schedule. As a student, I have certain weeks of extra study, which means I work less during that period and vice versa for periods with less study commitments!

3. Why did you want to work at Eways?
My interest in sustainability issues has been present since my early teens and I have focused on sustainability in many school projects. For example, my bachelor thesis was about sustainability reporting according to ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance), more specifically how the reporting of ESG affects the valuation of a company. I think working at Eways is an exceptional opportunity to apply theory in practice, and I’ve learned a lot of things which I believe is hard to teach as part of a regular education.

Join Team Eways in charging a fossil-free future!

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